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The Easy Yoke 2.0

Same-same, but different

After quite a long time away, it feels like time to get into the blog more regularly. I know I've teased this idea with a couple posts in the midst of a mostly barren two years, but this time I think it's for real.

There will, however, be a few changes.

I was realizing part of what was holding me back from recommitting to the blog again fully was that what I was doing before just wasn't sustainable - or at least sustainable in a way that allowed me to put out content that I was consistently happy with. It was too many posts too often, and a lot of them just weren't necessary.

So. There will still be music shared, and there will still be a Spotify playlist, but those postings won't be on the blog anymore. If you'd like to follow the music suggestions, they will be exclusively on The Easy Yoke's Instagram account.

Words of wisdom posts may still happen, but they won't be here on the blog either.

The Facebook page will have some of these other posts, but will mostly be for notifying you of when blog posts appear.

And the blog itself will only be for blog posts. That's it, that's all, no other fancy stuff.

While we're on that topic, I also don't think I'm going to force myself to keep a posting schedule anymore. Some of you in the know about these things will know that this isn't the best practice for blogs, but I think doing things this way will be more conducive to getting at least some posts out, and better quality posts, than either throwing the towel in on the whole thing or rushing out stuff that just isn't ready.

Which means that if you want to catch everything that comes out, it will be more important to receive notifications of posts, either by following The Easy Yoke on Facebook, or by signing up for emails (which you can do on the home page of the blog).

I've already posted some of the old posts from the old version of the site, but I'm going to continue posting the rest of them while I give them a re-edit to see if I've changed or deepened my thoughts on anything. So if there was an old post that you were interested in and you're wondering where it went, it will either already be up or come eventually.

Thank you so much to all of you that continue to follow! Your engagement and encouragement means the world to me. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

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