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Unrushed Reverence

Why my posts sometimes don't show up on time

I’ve been reading through the Old Testament lately, and one thing that keeps standing out to me again and again is God’s holiness. I think human history is often a series of pendulum swings, and perhaps the reason that the North American church is largely in a phase where God’s goodness and love and mercy are most emphasized is because a previous phase saw an emphasis on His holiness lead to legalism, ungraciousness, and a distorted, unhealthy fear of the Lord. But any time we’re at either extreme, we’re missing out on the fullness of who God really is, and, ironically, we’re not fully understanding either side if we don’t also have a healthy respect and understanding of the rest of God’s character.

One thing I’ve been really convicted of is not taking God seriously enough, and, as a result, sometimes speaking too quickly on God or the things of God, and not giving due reverence. When Israel carried the ark wrongly, people ended up dead – even though they had good intentions in the way they did it and the actions they took. While God is good and gracious and loving and jovial and Fatherly, He is also holy, set apart, almighty, Above and Other, pure, glorious, and righteous. While He can be approached by anyone no matter how meek or humble or messy, He is never to be approached without reverence.

This is not to scare anyone away from approaching our Good Father – after all, He is the one who runs out to meet the most prodigal of sons at the slightest glimpse of their return – but rather to explain one of the reasons I sometimes have trouble publishing my weekly posts on time. Whenever we’re speaking of things of God, we’re dealing with the most precious treasures man can know. We’re also dealing with topics that, if not handled correctly, can literally mess people up for eternity. For these reasons, I don’t like rushing things, and I don’t like putting words out there that I’m not feeling 100% at peace with.

I think I may write more about this at a later time, but for now, that’s the end of my short post on why I don’t like rushing out longer ones. In the meantime, thanks so much everyone for reading all that you do, however unpredictable my posting-schedule may be.

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