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A Song of Victory

A poem

I have no illusions of being a poet, but a couple of moves and cities ago I went to a church that was wonderfully encouraging and gracious in fostering songwriting among some of us. For this week’s post, I thought I’d share one of the songs I wrote in the midst of one of the most difficult trials of my life, but also one where I mysteriously (miraculously) experienced more joy, hope, and sureness of God’s presence than I ever had before - perhaps even since. Even if somewhat clumsy poetically, I hope the song’s idea, that of praising God in advance of the victory, of finding joy in the anticipation of what we know is sure, is encouraging and refreshing to you today, wherever you find yourself in elevation of valley or mountaintop.

I will sing a song of victory though long tarries the night Though my battle wounds have left me scarred and crippled by the fight Though the dawn’s still in the distance, it grows nearer with each stride And it’s sureness lifts me from the ground to rush towards its light Though the struggle has been desperate and I’ve stumbled as I’ve trod, Fallen prey to the attacks that whisper lies against my God, Though the enemy is cunning, imminent is his defeat I’ve been ransomed by his Conqueror, he holds no grip on me! There’s no pit so deep His mighty arm can’t reach! Raging tempest He can snap to glassy sea! Though the battle’s fierce, He’s sealed the victory And I will praise Him as my Champion through all eternity! Whispers of the day grow louder, when I’ll see Him with my eyes When I’ll slough off every burden, and embrace Him as my prize Gath’ring mounds of lasting treasures, pleasures for eternity! I’ve thrown off life to finally live it, magnifying His glory!

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